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Welcome to Shantiniketan

The Great Poet Kashiram Das, translated the Mahabharat from Sanskrit to Bengali for the first time. He did when he was in a small village Singi(Singhee, Singee or Singhi).
Presently Singi is a village in Katwa block (2), Purbo Bardhaman. Kashiram Das is no more. But his birthplace, Kyeshegore Pond (As Kashiram Das used to take bath in this pond, the locals changed the name to Kyeshegore). It's there! The Secret underground room, where The Great Poet used to hide for safety.
Whatever happens, the birthplace of the legend is not in a good state. Though the outside door is painted, the walls are not in a good state. The villagers themselves opened a "Kashiram Das committee" and they themselves take care of the place by funding and investing for it.
But, except for the Birthplace of Kashiram Das, there are many interesting places too around Singi. At the end of the village, there is an old Banyan tree, locals call it "Khyetropal" God's tree. Every year during in August, the tree is worshipped with great enjoyment and fair is also placed.
There is also a big Shiv Temple, locals call it "Buro Shib Bari". The weird thing about this temple is, if you want to see the God you can't see it from outside the gate, you have to come inside. Every year during Maha Shiv Ratri, the God is worshipped and there are fairs setups too. Neighbours villages, as well as outside villages, come during that time to take part in numerous amount of life skill games.
Singi is surrounded by a small river, Brombhani. During the rainy season, it becomes a real big river and the rest of the year it is a thin stream of flowing water.

Singi can be also visited to watch birds! These birds are found here the whole year
        -Asian open billed stork
        -Wolly naked stork
        -Black-headed Ibis
        -Green Bee Eater
And other local birds too.

The other amazing places to visit while you're in Singi are:-
1: Terra cota Temples of Sribati village (2.5 km.).
2: four Sakti peeths
        a) Jogadda Satipit (18kms).
        b) Ujani Sakti Peeth (85kms).
        c) Ottohash Sakti Peeth (40kms).
        d) Bahula Sakti Peeth (33kms).
3-Historical town Katwa (19kms).
4- Jagadanandapur's Radhagovinda's designed amazing stone temple(12kms).
5- Wooden owl's village Natungram (13kms).
6- Foreign birds migration area, chupi (28kms).
7- Orgram Forest (55kms).
8- Cobra's village, musharu(25kms).
9- Nabadweep(28kms).

Transportation- there are many ways of transportation from Kolkata to Singi.
In Howrah or Sealdah station, catch the train which goes to Katwa, but you have to get down a few stations before Katwa known as, Patuli. As you get down the train there are share cars costing 15/20 per head. It takes up about 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Patuli from Howrah station, the fare is ₹30 per head.
Compared to Howrah, there are much fewer trains to Patuli than from Sealdah. If you travel by your own car then take the route from Durgapur Express way, Memary, Satgachu, Monteshwar, Maldanga, Mejhiary, Singi'r More and then Singi.
From Shyambazar, Kolkata Singi is about 133kms away. The time taken is roughly 3 hours.
Or else you can also take the route- New Delhi road, Mogra, Kalna, Nabadwip, touching Paruliya (roughly 144kms from Shyambazar) and from Burdwan- Bologna, Koichor, Koithan, touching Singi'r More (roughly 155kms from Shyambazar). All these routes can be utilised to come to Singi.

"Santiniketon" isn't a Hotel/Resort, Santiniketon is a small homestay(in true sense) in a historical village of West Bengal. The village, Singi consists a group of hardworking men and women who helps to provide good food and a homely atmosphere to the guests not belonging from Singi.
The ground floor of the house consists numerous amount of different flowers, vegetables, and shadow giving trees. Combining two gardens of its own.
It also has a small cemented pond, where fish farming is practised.
There are 6 rooms for the guests on different floors.
Two double beded rooms(non ac) in the 1st floor, Three double beded rooms in the 2nd floor (ac) and One room(non ac) in the ground floor which has three beds. Each and every room contains attached toilet (with wash basin, geyser). The hall in the ground floor is used for different kind of celebrations.

*There are cars, totos and Bullock carts available to go around Singi, and the nearby villages.
*Parking space for the guests in available.
*The whole area is under 24×7 CCTV Surveillance.
*In case of power cuts generator is available.
*To visit Santiniketon homestay, you have to book your room atleast before 3 days. We do not accept spot bookings.

        Check In- 11.30 in the morning.
        Check out- 10 in the morning.

*Drinking water is served from water purifier.
*Santiniketon is a simple village homestay, there are no restaurants round here. All the food served to the guests are home-cooked. Most of the ingredients, ghee/oil/spices etc. are Home made.
*Santiniketon doesn't have television, all of the rooms have few books.
*Drivers who arrived with the guest, also has a driver's room(dormitory).
*Santiniketon doesn't support consumption of alcohol*
*As singi is a village, making noice and creating a fuss about it isn't a good thing here. The vibe around gets disturbed. The neighbour can be irritated****
*** *Your arrival is the only gift we await for, please do not give tips to any of the workers here. If you like our services, do visit us again*

For any queries- 7044791436/ 7278192909
Website- www.villagetourisms.com

Thank you

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